Why partner with InfoServe2India

  • InfoServe2India' team of professional data entry operators has expertise and experience in handling large volumes of work and can deliver high-quality results within a fast turnaround time.
  • A competent, efficient staff plus the best available data entry infrastructure, only at InfoServe2India, ensures complete, precise data entry services.
  • Our stringent quality-check measures ensure maximum productivity with minimum errors.
  • Our cost-effective rates will save valuable expenses for companies.
  • With a secure network, InfoServe2India ensures complete security and confidentiality of data entry work.

Process & Quality

InfoServe2India incorporates unique “Octo-Quality” principle that ensures correct logical processes are followed while serving you and that the quality aspect is incorporated at each and every step - thus making us one of the best offshore outsourcing companies worldwide.

  1. Receive data
  2. The data entry process begins with InfoServe2India receiving scanned or hard copy documents from the customer. These are usually sent in the form of DVD, mail or courier. We also provide an option of uploading the documents on to our secure FTP.

  3. First pass data quality review
  4. The data entry project will then be assigned to the concerned Project Manager (PM), who will review the information provided. After verifying the information the PM will allocate the work and monitor the project.

  5. Skill based resource allocation
  6. In order to avoid conflicts and duplication, each section of the data entry project will be assigned to the appropriate resources. The process includes proper team identification for a project that is based on the skill matrix. The skill matrix is derived from a team member’s ability to interact and function for a particular kind of data entry job.

    A data entry team member could be proficient with online systems and internet data capturing and if the project demands such specializations, we depute the data entry operators for the respective project. The data entry activities commence at this stage.

  7. Proof reading – second pass quality review
  8. The next stage is the proof reading, where the data entry team identifies and corrects errors. Upon correcting the errors the second pass quality assurance stage is performed by either the peers or the PM

  9. Internal feedback issued
  10. After the second level of quality checks are completed, the verified documents are re-issued and sent to the agents.

  11. Corrections incorporated
  12. The documents are then re-entered and the last quality check is carried out to ensure total accuracy.

  13. Final quality check performed
  14. At InfoServe2India, we strive for 100% accuracy. In this stage we check the completed documents for clarity and accuracy. We then map the documents with the deliverables sent by the customer.

  15. Customer feedback
  16. In the final stage of the data entry process, the data entry team sends the completed and verified documents to the customer and seeks the feedback. Only upon successful receipt of the customer feedback we mark our octo-quality circle as complete.

We have fully developed information resources & management control procedures for reviewing and substantiating quality of work before it is submitted. At quality levels of 99.95% and above, InfoServe2India has steadily maintained a 100% client retention factor by providing consistent quality in our work. Outsourcing is a strategic step for companies both small and big; InfoServe2India makes this strategy a success by providing high quality data entry. For further information on our process, please communicate with us, we will be happy to explain the details.

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