Secure Data Entry

Security is dual level managed. One is physical level data security and other is the virtual, systems level data security. We take data security as a top priority element to ensure successful business functioning and provide highly secure data entry and processing. Access to spaces of InfoServe2India and project batches are restricted and controlled through access cards thus making it possible for only the data entry team concerned with a respective project to have hands on access to files and systems. We have also implemented default alarm systems for notifying in case of any intrusion or hack attacks.

The virtual systems are further workflow controlled using software and hierarchy definition protocols. The management of access to files is controlled through domain controllers and practically every action taken by any resource is logged on to our servers for monitoring. A typical data theft happens from a disgruntled employee, no system data can be taken out unless otherwise approved by the governing superior. For any data to be removed physically, the operatives have to have access to secluded machines controlled and monitored by the most trusted members of the management.

InfoServe2India also maintains data redundancy servers for disaster recovery and frequent back up of all databases is performed and updates maintained and provide secure data entry services to our clients globally.

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