Offline Data Entry

InfoServe2India takes a holistic approach towards your data. We take efforts to understand the process and purpose of your data that allows us to ensure the high quality output. Making sense out of large volumes of data is not an easy task. It demands careful collection, organization and presentation. Our offline data entry services follow a meticulous process ensuring high levels of accuracy, speed and ease of understanding.

Irrespective of the size of your company collecting, managing, analyzing and presenting data is a humongous task. Converting your data from sources such as Word documents, PDF files, email lists, insurance forms etc is vital to your business.

By outsourcing offline data entry services you can spend your valuable money and time on staff salaries, training, overheads, etc. Organizing, collating and managing large quantities of data is a task better left to the experts

What if you could find a partner who could take up your data entry operations saving you time and money that can be invested in growing your business? Outsourcing offline data entry services to a company in India might just be the option you are looking for.

Why it makes business sense to outsource offline data entry to India?

Today, India is the leading destination for InfoServe2India outsourcing. There are virtually innumerable small and big firms that offer data entry, processing and conversion services.

India has been favourable to companies in the data entry business because of its accessibility of low cost resources, the technology and the time difference (that exists between US/Europe and India).

If you've been on the search for an outsourcing partner to work with you in your data entry needs, chances are you've stumbled on a lot of choices with companies / freelancers. Most often than not, many of these companies fail in providing services because of their inability to communicate properly with their American or European counterparts, misjudged requirements, or lack of security measures.

Choose InfoServe2India as your offline data entry partner and you can be assured that you will not face any of these problems.

We are committed to provide you affordable, professional and quality oriented offline data entry. When you outsource your offline data entry service to us, your project is handled by professionals, who are experts in their domain. We provide outsourcing services to a wide range of clients including (but not limited to):

  • Educational institutions
  • Media
  • Oil and gas
  • Insurance and Healthcare companies
  • Government organizations
  • Financial institutions
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Real estate
  • Banking
  • Energy sectors
  • Retail sectors
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
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