About Us

InfoServe2India brings a unique proposition of onshore quality assurance and offshore data entry costs – providing you the benefits of both the worlds. Our onshore managers will facilitate accurate requirements gathering leading to clear scope and delivery focus. Providing you with single point of contact they will also ensure added quality assurance and regular updates regarding progress.

We provide accurate, reliable and high quality offshore data entry outsourcing services to our clients. We offer “intelligent” data entry i.e. the operators will understand the context of the work and provide the value add where necessary rather than blindly assuming/entering the data. This feature of ours greatly reduces the frequent to-and-fro chatter that you may have to face, hence, offering a turn-key solution - you give us the work and we deliver it to you as you need it. End of story.

Our Team

Based upon the size of the project a typical data entry project team comprises of the following resources being involved. All teams report to the management team. For any individual project, a project manager is appointed who manages more than one team lead depending on the size of the project. Project capacity management, quality control and issue management is jointly managed by the operations manager and the project manager simultaneously.

Communication protocols are established and managed through project managers and any additional skill requirement needed for extremely technical cases are handled using the consultant team. The HR team reports to the operations team and thus any shortage of resources is immediately managed from their end. The entire organization of InfoServe2India is hooked up like a neural network enabling smoother and faster handling of projects.


InfoServe2India is well equipped with appropriate infrastructure so as to ensure that we are the leading providers of offshore data entry outsourcing and back office services.

Office Facilities

  • Corporate office at Aurangabad (Maharashtra) offers you the same metropolitan services but at much cheaper rates.
  • Adequate storage area with full security.
  • Round the clock power supply with backup UPS and generators.
  • Data Backup facility with CD Writer, Zip Drives etc.

24 X 7 Help and Support

  • Through phone calls, email and chat you can get customer support.
  • Video conference facilities are also available.
  • Our Infrastructure supports small as well large-scale data entry jobs and data processing jobs within a network that focuses on routing, data aggregation, and security with domain controls.
  • To support rapid deployment, persistency, error handling and life-cycle management we use latest hardware, licensed software and networking experts.

Servers and Systems

  • IBM Servers.
  • Capable of expanding to multiple database-server and multiple data/document servers over LAN/WAN.
  • 30+ work stations with firewall and latest antivirus software.
  • High speed Scanners & Printers.
  • High-end servers at each location with a backup server.
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